26 November 2019

​This short tutorial of just over 20 minutes gives a quick overview of Yellowfin 9.

26 November 2019

This informative training video is just over an hour and 20 minutes with excellent features and benefits of this release explained.  

13 November 2019
Yellowfin, a world-leading and innovative analytics vendor, has announced the release of Yellowfin 9 which introduces an incredibly flexible, action-based dashboard builder and progressive data storytelling capabilities that advance the capabi...
15 November 2018
Business intelligence (BI) is as much about incremental advancements as big ones that make the user's experience richer and more versatile and allow them to present their data in the best way possible.  ...
14 November 2018
Business, by its very nature, is collaborative. And yet business intelligence (BI), the ultimate goal-enabler, is not – often robbing the organisation of its corporate memory around decision-making. ...
13 November 2018

 When looking at how vendors are tackling augmented analysis, or automated analytics, there are three distinct phases of maturity:

12 November 2018

So, exactly what will be driving the analytics space next year? 

08 November 2018
What do you do when your ETL load is out of control, your team is maxed out, and turnaround times are defined in weeks instead of days? Since ETL is still 70% of every analytics project, the answer to this question will likely provide a breakthrough ...
01 November 2018
Dashboards are the go-to data hubs that businesses rely on for decision making. They provide visual answers to business questions so people can act fast on opportunities and issues. Dashboards are powerful tools.​...
21 June 2018

Cloud BI isn't a silver bullet.  It's just about deploying software in a difference place … the same challenges exist …

02 May 2018

The following five innovations have all significantly shaped the current era of business intelligence (BI).  

05 April 2018
  Global business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform Yellowfin is following up strong global growth in 2017 with continuing expansion of its South African customer base and regional footprint. ...

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