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As normal, I wanted to begin with a motivational quote from a guru! However, to find one that would be relevant in these times of the 'new normal' was not an easy task, further complicated by the fact that I also really wanted it to touch on how and what the AIGS Insights team is doing in this space.

Gustav Piater

Sales & Marketing Director

So, here goes: "The secret of great teamwork is to believe in the vision, maintain the harmony of the team and focus on consistent productivity. We can win the championship with good teamwork."

And, talking about teamwork and championships, I've also heard someone commenting that although New Zealand in June reported zero COVID-19 cases, they don't hold the Rugby World Cup … so we're still in a good space when we can continue to embrace the positives! I believe that this might have changed at this point … but not the Rugby World Cup portion.
The reality of a 'new normal' has probably dawned on everyone and, as we settle into the new ways of being and doing, I'm pretty sure there are several challenges we all face. Personally, as I sit here at home in my lounge following the sun due to a freezing cold study area, I'm simultaneously trying to work whilst attempting to ignore the howling of a nearby emergency services chopper, the dogs barking and the sound of my neighbour's renovations.

The AIGS Insights team, under the continued valuable leadership of our CEO, has managed to operate very productively with regular (almost daily) catch-ups together with team-specific goal setting and expectations. This is not very different from how we operated prior to lockdown but, we had to find innovative ways to not only keep the office banter going but also to create opportunities to 'read' our colleagues' emotions and states of mind.

We miss our monthly 'company meetings' complete with a braai and drinks but even this has been replaced with an online video, drink in hand, call during which everyone gets a chance to chat and catch up. We hope that this can soon change again but, knowing it will be a new setting as we have decided to close our current offices and move into a SPACES office with greater remote-work capabilities.

Together, we are facing a truly unprecedented situation. 
The pandemic is affecting everyone! 
But the opportunity to make a difference remains … albeit in a slightly different way!

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